comunicazioneNowadays, putting a great service or a high quality product on the market does not guarantee success. Competition is numerous and fierce and you must not only capture the attention of your potential customers but also maintain it for a long time and especially make sure that the initial interest will be converted into a financial return for your business.

How can a communication psychologist help me?

A communication psychologist is an expert in the complexity of human communication, on how people attribute meanings, on how they make a decision. Did you know, for example, that in deciding whether or not to trust a person non-verbal cues (body posture, facial expressions) are more important than actual words? And the background color of a web site or an advertisement booklet can heavily influence the success of that particular message?

Persuasion, not manipulation, is the basis of ethical and sustainable communication and marketing techniques: a communication psychologist can help you find an intellectually honest way that will allow you to successfully promote your business in an effective and long-lasting manner.

Whether it’s a complex company, a non-profit organization or if you are self-employed, it is paramount to build a relationship with your customers based on long-lasting trust and loyalty.

Applying psychology to the web

The term web psychology was coined in 2011 by Nathalie Nahai who has worked with the major American brands to create and improve their websites in order to strengthen the brand, promote a product / service / social cause and build customer loyalty. It is not enough to put a website online and create business profiles on various social networks to be sure that you’ll become a forerunner of internet and transform your investment into a profit. The psychology applied to the web takes into account many factors that determine the success of a site over another. By studying how people navigate, what they are attracted to and in which cases they are more willing to place their trust in a company, in relation to the target demographic and culture to which the firm is addressed, the psychologist of the web can help you maximize the effectiveness of your message on the web, while spending the least amount of money and energy. This type of operation includes but is not limited to:

  • identifying the actual need to create a website for your business
  • identifying the message you want to spread and the most effective way to do it
  • assessing your actual need to debut in the world of social networks and choosing which one/ones is/are the most suitable and effective for your company
  • advice on how to improve an existing site from a communicative point of view
  • advice on how to manage your social networks to increase your friends/follower network and social sharing