Organizational consultation

Organizational consultation

Basic RGBI have a great passion for the corporate sector, in which I have experience both in the field of human resource management and as an employee of a multinational company.

Indeed, I believe that I have the advantage of having seen both sides of the coin, and this allows me to be able to take into account both the company’s point of view and that of the workers, thus being able to mediate their requests and needs, with the aim of creating a serene and efficient working environment in which well-being and productivity feed off each other.

After all, if we are lucky enough to have a job, we spend a large percentage of our time engaged in our profession.

Why not try to make it satisfying and at the same time increase the chances of success of our business?

Here’s what organizational consultation can do for for your company.

Organizational consultation is rooted in the psychology of work and organizations, and it can be defined as the “study of the behavior of people at work while carrying out their professional activities in relation to interpersonal relationships, the tasks to be performed, the rules and the functioning of an organization.” [3]

A psychologist is called in to achieve the following main objectives in relation to a working environment: improving the business climate, encouraging the creation of a well recognized organizational identity and developing the potential for collaboration between the different roles; by pursuing the maximum well-being for workers at any business level, and the most productive advantage and higher profit for the company; The fields of application of organizational consultation include, but are not limited to:

  • leadership and management of staff
  • assessment of organizational needs and personnel selection
  • internal communications and interpersonal relationships
  • group dynamics within departments and creative workgroups
  • work motivation in relation to the incentive system
  • internal career development
[3] Source: translation of http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psicologia_del_lavoro

Traditionally we think that organizational consultation can be applied only to big companies that need to manage large numbers of employees and issues that arise, for example, from the presence of multiple locations or from the management of subsidiaries in different countries. This application is still valid and it is still very sensible. But even a small business can invest and benefit from organizational consultation, especially if the business is a start-up, and therefore you must try to get the most out of your company while spending the minimum amount of money and energies. Defining a few but precise productive or creative processes, organizing shifts and your working environment in an efficient and healthy way in order to limit discomfort, illness and burnout, enhancing your company’s image and introducing it to your potential customers in the most honest but also in the most appealing way, can definitely make a difference in the difficult contemporary market. A small initial investment in collaborating with an expert can yield exponentially increasing added value in the years to come.

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