Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

pexels-photoSara Colognesi is a Sports Psychologist, offering consultations and customized projects for:

  • Athetes (both individual and team sports

  • Sports Clubs and Coaches

  • Parents

Sports performance , whether it’s a competitive or amateur activity, is a result of a combination of factors , not limited to athletic and technical preparation, and it integrates psychological aspects such as motivation, anxiety and emotional management, self-awareness, attention and concentration.

Anyone who practices a sport realizes early on that to get good results, not only within the short term, but in order to live a healthy life, it is necessary to overcome the classic Western body – mind dualism.With this in mind the coach, the athlete(s) and the Pports Psychologist can collaborate by integrating their respective skills to pursue a common goal.

Each assessment and intervention is customized to the needs of the athlete/Sports Club/Sports Team that requests it. The fields of action include (but are not limited to ):

  • Motivation and Goal -setting

  • Mental Training (relaxation techniques for anxiety management and for the development of attention and concentration)

  • Psychological counseling for recovery after injury

  • Team-building activities

  • Training courses for coaches, managers and parents

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