In parallel to my private practice, it is very important to me to partner with companies, organizations, schools, associations which are the core of our territory. For this reason, I decided to develop partnership projects that stimulate my professional interest and which, I think, can be useful to different agents of our province.

Counseling Services Project

Lucy - psychiatric help 5 cents

Partners Schools, associations, organizations

Target Students, members, citizens and employees or volunteers. The service can be provided both in Italian and English.

Objectives A space for listening and collecting various types of problems (psychological, relational, social) guaranteeing privacy and non-judgment, and providing a point of social and institutional support in a time of crisis.

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Training Project

Partnerpeanuts.teamwork Companies, associations, schools, private or public organizations.

Target Employees, volunteers, teachers, managers. One person or groups. Training can be provided both in Italian and English.

Objectives Creating an experiential work environment quickly and profitably  to train proactively on different topics such as:

  • interpersonal and organizational communication and principles of external and web communication
  • achieving your goals: analysis and effective strategies to choose your future education and/or employment.
  • group dynamics and team building
  • training trainers and recruiters
  • relationship management and conflict
  • Stress management and prevention of burn-out

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From Fitness to Wellness Project

Basketball_Players_Charlie_Brown_Snoopy_Celtics_High_Five-1Partners Fitness centers

Target Gym members and trainers. Consultation can be provided both in Italian and English.

Objectives In today’s world it has become important to find balance, away from a stressful life. It has been shown that regular physical activity helps to counteract the negative effects of stress. Oftentimes, for various reasons, ranging from lack of motivation to the difficulty in setting achievable goals, this improvement is temporary. In order to try to extend these positive effects and effectively transform your lifestyle, it is useful to change perspective: from fitness to wellness.

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From Curing to Caring Project

Partnerscharlie-brown-lucy-football  Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers

Target Patients and employees. Consulation can be provided both in Italian and English

Objectives Very different people are turning to specialized centers for physiotherapy. What they have in common is that they are looking forward to feeling well, and to forgetting pain, anxiety and stress. Fundamental to the physical recovery is the psychological state of the patient. It is possible to make exceptional progress if the expertise of the professional is combined with the commitment of the patient: from curing to caring.

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Why should you partner with a psychologist-psychotherapist?

  • I can guarantee privacy and I am required to comply with a professional code of ethics
  • I can listen without judgment and I accept uncritically what I am told
  • I am an expert in helping people find alternative ways of reading problems
  • I am able to work with individuals, couples or groups
  • Through counseling I can promote active and proactive attitudes and stimulate the power of choice
  • I take into account the social and cultural fabric, but I am attentive to personal differences
  • I know how to move within complex dynamics and I can competently evaluate the level of depth to which we can push during a training session or a team building task.


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