Counseling e supporto psicologico

Counseling e supporto psicologico

new-school-counselorPersonally I love clinical practice. Being able to do a job that can help even a person’s life just a little motivates me to continue in this activity with enthusiasm and passion. At the same time, I believe that human life is also full of potential satisfaction, serenity, and, why not, happiness. I think all of us have thought at one point or another that we wanted something more out of our career or our business, or have heard friends and family complain about the same kind of dissatisfaction.

Who says that we have to settle for this? We can look for new ways to achieve our aspirations, understand our strengths and use them to their maximum potential. Here’s what personal counseling can do for you.

A psychotherapist is qualified not only to conduct therapy but also for other types of psychological counseling.

“The term counseling indicates an occupation that tends to guide, support and develop the potential of a customer by promoting active, purposeful attitudes and stimulating his/her capacity for choosing. It deals with problems that are not specific (decision-making, improving interpersonal relations) and contextually restricted (family, school, work) “. [1]

“According to Rollo May – one of the founding fathers of counseling along with Rogers – the counselor’s task is to «promote the development and utilization of the customer’s potential, helping him/her to overcome any problems that prevent his/her personality to express themselves fully and freely in the outside world […] overcoming the problem, the real transformation, however, is in customer’s hands: the counselor can only guide him/her with empathy and respect, to regain the freedom to be him/herself.»”[2]

Here are some examples of fields of application for personal counseling:

  • University and school guidance
  • Management of contextually restricted problems, such as mild anxiety
  • Consultation with athletes in preparation for special sporting events or following an injury
  • Consultations with musicians and artists
  • Coaching in specific skills required by your job description, including but not limited to:
    • public speaking
    • training your colleagues
    • optimizing the efficiency of a work team
    • resolution of internal conflicts
  • Job interview coaching, whether you are seeking career development or if you need to look for a new job after being made redundant.
[1] Source: translation from http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counseling [2] Source: translation from Rollo May, L'arte del counseling, Roma, Astrolabio-Ubaldini, 1991. 

Deciding to start seeing a psychologist is not an easy decision to make. Oftentimes it is particularly difficult to decide which of the many therapists might be the right one for you. In these cases, I am available for a free informative first meeting, that usually lasts about 30 minutes. This way I hope to help you making your decision a little bit easier.

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